Saturday, August 8, 2015

LA ReCap

When hustle and bustle kicks in we have the tendency to not sit back, soak in and notice our accomplishments. When living in a fast paced environment and constantly jumping from one project to the next, its inevitable this may happen, although a challenge I've taken on it is to celebrate even those small victories. Reflect on what exactly you accomplished, notice what you may be able to do better in the future, but give yourself that fat ass pat on the back you deserve! No matter what it is, do not let the excitement of an accomplishment pass you by.

These past five months have been filled with a chance of learning and growing. I've been fortunate to take on a few projects, alongside 12th Tribe, that have opened my eyes to the industry and introduced me to new possibilities. 

As a kid in highschool I told my dad I aspired to be a Wardrobe Stylist. So yes, dad, I want to play dress up for a living. Distraction set in from my vision, and I took a different route for a bit, to then find myself in LA working alongside Wardrobe Styling Professionals in studio and on set. The environment is unlike anything else and although hours may be long, the long hours are well worth the creative and passionate people you are surrounded by. 

Here are a few of my favorite shindigs that went down as a Stylist here in Lala Land!

Bea Miller x Covergirl 

Wardrobe: Kaycee Kuna + Demi Marchese 
Jewelry: 12th Tribe 

Christen Press ESPYS x Kids Choice Awards 






Celeste Summer Resurgence

Going through past blog posts it seems we break up and get back together far to frequent. Since the last update, it's been a complete dive into my brand, 12th Tribe. Having 50 jobs in one has made it hard for me to a lot time to something else, but each time I get away from this thing, I find myself craving it back in my life. With that said, I'm here to stay! Once a week at least ;) 

One of the things I have learned when starting a business is the importance of connecting with like minded people, people who have been through what you are experiencing, or individuals who are on the same beaten path. While chasing your dream is thrilling, exciting and inspiring, with it comes hardships and struggles. There is nothing that keeps me moving forward more than being inspired by people battling the same battle, and as I learn what I can, I only hope to share with you what will keep you moving on.

It is truly amazing the impact connecting with people can have in ones life. Exposing yourself to new characters, people from the same upbringing or people from an entire different world, can each be a positive experience in itself. The magic of meeting new people though comes with the power of having an open mind. You will face circumstances and ideas that may not be in sync with yours, but understanding the value a new perspective can hold will expand your willingness and ability to connect with people and learn more than you have before.

With that said, I challenge you to go meet someone new this week. We're all a little bit weird out here, but remember weirder the better ;) 

O U T F I T ** D E T A I L S

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here comes a little sneak peak with what I've been waiting to share with you guys. After a trip to Thailand I was inspired to keep the tropical bliss alive. After serious hunting for floral chiffon this emerald bliss landed in my hands and had me like yes yes yes. 

Featuring a deep v crochet plunging neckline, cinch waist, frontal tie, and sleeves that will let you fly away. The cinch waist band is a game changer. While it fits snug and tight for a 24" waist, it's flex fit allows for an extra couple inches on each side, fitting well up to 30".  // yeeeeehaw. 

These may or may not have been taken based off pure excitement on the drive back, so excuse the iPhone capture, but stay tuned as our Road to Coachella lookbook will be featuring it loud and proud.

It's been a while since I've found the time to jump on this bad boy. Within the last five months, I never imagined my life would turn into running a full time business, traveling across the world, and moving to a new part of the state. Needless to say, it's been a whirlwind. 

As my business has grown and my life has taken a few unexpected turns, I've never forgotten where it all started from. And that is right here. "Blogging." A silly past time for me, that in the end, resulted in not being all that silly. 

With that said, I'm going to kick my own butt if I don't get on here once a week and share with you some of the happenings and behind the scenes of 12th Tribe, life as a Wardrobe Stylist, and all of the invaluable lessons I have learned.

I'm astonished by the inquiries I've received about being an entrepreneur. First, I must admit, this wasn't a word I was planning on associating myself with as soon as college finished. I'm mind blown at where I am. Mind blown I tell ya!

Time to move along through all the petty background story of why I've been MIA because I'm back! 

Enjoy Chapter 2 of Crazy Marchese's Journey: When the Tribe Runs Wild 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Treasure hunting doesn't happen behind a computer. We're getting out there, exploring, touching and getting a strong sense of what 12th Tribe needs. Meeting people from around the world who have introduced me to some of the finer leathers, jewels and materials is something I'm blessed for. It's easy to walk right into the Americanized chain down the street, but after holding a Peruvian leather hand bag and letting it take me away to it's own adventure, I realized we must let you experience what that feels like!

This is one wild man from Russia. His name has more syllables and accents than I can cough.