Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here comes a little sneak peak with what I've been waiting to share with you guys. After a trip to Thailand I was inspired to keep the tropical bliss alive. After serious hunting for floral chiffon this emerald bliss landed in my hands and had me like yes yes yes. 

Featuring a deep v crochet plunging neckline, cinch waist, frontal tie, and sleeves that will let you fly away. The cinch waist band is a game changer. While it fits snug and tight for a 24" waist, it's flex fit allows for an extra couple inches on each side, fitting well up to 30".  // yeeeeehaw. 

These may or may not have been taken based off pure excitement on the drive back, so excuse the iPhone capture, but stay tuned as our Road to Coachella lookbook will be featuring it loud and proud.

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